Portraits: Rev. George Horner

The historic cities of Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland, where the great reformers Calvin and Zwingli respectively ministered the gospel, were within 100 miles of where George ( the English version of his given name Jurg) lived the first twelve years of his life. But it would be some twenty years after his family emigrated to the USA before he came to know and worship the Lord Jesus Christ those reformers had so labored to rightly proclaim unto His glory. In God’s providence, and only by His grace, He brought George into union with Christ Jesus through the ministry of a Reformed pastor while George was working, together with his wife Mary Jo, as a chiropractor in Edgerton, Minnesota. As George heard and began to study the gospel, the Lord worked in him a desire to proclaim it, and over the next several years he became convinced of his calling and attended Mid-America Reformed Seminary, graduating with an M.Div in 1994.

Pastor Horner’s journey into the ministry of the gospel was not according to his plans, for it was the sovereign Lord who directed, unknown to George’s “suppressing-the-truth-in-unrighteousness” self at that time, the path that led from Switzerland to New York City to Woodstock (yes, the Woodstock), and then to college at the University of Rochester, NY (chemistry major), to further study, later as a Lieutenant in the United States Air Force, at Texas A&M University, and then 3 years as a meteorologist in the US Air Force, serving lastly in Thailand during the Vietnam War, to graduation from Northwestern Chiropractic College in the Twin Cities, and then to establishing a practice in a Dutch Reformed community where he first heard the gospel unto faith and subsequent gospel ministry.

Pastor Horner’s first call, 1994, was to the Christian Reformed Church where he had served his last seminary internship. That congregation later became a member church of the South Central Classis of the RCUS. In 1996, Pastor Horner received and accepted a call to Hope Reformed Church (RCUS) in Sutton, NE, and was examined and ordained by the SCC of the RCUS. In the intervening years, he has also served Grace Reformed Church in Bakersfield, CA, then as interim pastor of Emmanuel Reformed Church (Canadian and American Reformed Churches) in Westminster, CO, and since April 2010, Providence Reformed Church (RCUS) in Rock Springs, WY.

George is a rather avid photographer and enjoys capturing the beautiful and varied aspects of God’s creation out here in the “forever west” state of Wyoming. The Rock Springs congregation is excited to be involved with a new RCUS mission work starting up in Casper, WY, and we hope the Lord continues to build His church out here in the vast intermountain west.

Rev. Horner, once previously and now and currently, serves as Clerk of the South Central Classis and as a board member of Heidelberg Theological Seminary in Sioux Falls, SD. George and Mary Jo have been blessedly married for thirty-five years and have six living children: Tyra, a chiropractor, married to Christine and living in the Chicago area; Talia (Mrs. Jeremy Bridgman) of Bakersfield, homemaker and piano teacher; Elijah ( just recently married to Lyndsey), living in the Los Angeles area and a captain in the USAF; Jerusha (Mrs. Christopher Enoch), residing in the Denver area, homemaker and nanny; Lydia ( still single, but . . .), living with Talia, developing her photographic talents and skills and currently working as a teaching assistant; and Josiah, the youngest, a home-schooled junior, who also works thirty hours a week at a bike and coffee shop. George and Mary Jo have seven grandchildren: Caitlyn, Brayden, Aidric, Emma, Annabelle, Rosalie, and Bennett, and pray that the Lord would graciously keep the entire family in all present and future generations walking with the Lord, trusting in Christ’s righteousness alone, confessing as did Christ’s apostle Paul: “I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God. who loved me and gave Himself for me” ( Gal 2: 20–21).

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