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4.3 The Sacraments

SECTION 3. The Sacraments ARTICLE 181. The sacraments of the Church instituted by Christ are two: Holy Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. ARTICLE 182. Children are received into the Church by baptism and are subject to its care and discipline. As soon as they are old enough to learn the Catechism and to be benefitted by the pastor’s instruction, they …

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4.2 Worship

SECTION 2. Worship ARTICLE 178. The essential parts of public worship are a call to worship, salutation, invocation, singing, prayer, reading of the Word, preaching a sermon, giving the offerings, the benediction, and the doxology. These elements of worship approved or recommended by the Synod shall be used in the regular Lord’s Day service. ARTICLE 179. Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, …

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THE CONSTITUTION OF THE REFORMED CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES PREAMBLE For the maintenance of truth and order in the propagation of Christianity, in accordance with the Word of God, the Reformed Church in the United States ordains this Constitution to be its fundamental law for government, doctrine, worship and work, and declares the same to have binding authority on …

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Table of Contents

HTML clipboard THE CONSTITUTION OFTHE REFORMED CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES PREAMBLE PART I: MEMBERS, CONGREGATIONS, OFFICES Section 1. Members Section 2. Congregations Section 3. Offices The Office of the Minister of the Word Students for the Ministry Licentiates Ministers of the Word Teachers of Theology The Office of Elder The Office of Deacon PART II: JUDICATORIES Section 1. Judicatories …

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4.1 Doctrine

HTML clipboard THE CONSTITUTION OF THE REFORMED CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES PART IV. DOCTRINE AND WORSHIP SECTION 1. Doctrine ARTICLE 176. The Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, which are called canonical, being recognized as genuine and inspired, are received as the true and proper Word of God, infallible and inerrant, and the ultimate rule and measure …

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