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Discover our Heritage

We treasure the history which the God has given to us. While we do not wish to live in the past, our heritage is something to build upon and develop into the future. Click on one of the titles above to learn more about our heritage.

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Audio Sermons

Click on the links below to access sermons by RCUS pastors,┬ámany of which are at┬á Rev. Jonathan Merica Calvary Reformed Chapel, Stockton, CA Rev. Kevin Carroll Grace Reformed Church, Mitchell, SD Rev. C. W. “Bud” Powell Trinity Covenant Reformed Church,┬áColorado Springs, CO Rev. Kyle Sorensen Salem-Ebenezer Reformed Church, Manitowoc, Wisconsin Rev. Michael Voytek Rehoboth Reformed Church, La Habra, CA Rev. …

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The Rules of Order

THE RULES OF ORDERfor the Reformed Church in the United States I. Organization 1. The president shall take the chair at the hour to which the judicatory stands adjourned or is summoned to meet, and shall immediately call the members to order and open the session with the prescribed religious services. 2. In the absence of the president the stated …

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AMENDMENTS ARTICLE 197. This Constitution may be amended or altered in any article by a two-thirds vote of the Synod, with the concurrence of two-thirds of the Classes.

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4.4 Rites

SECTION 4. Rites ARTICLE 191. Confirmation, ordination and marriage are sacred church rites, which shall be administered according to the order prescribed in the liturgy of the Church. ARTICLE 192. Every pastor shall carefully prepare the youth in his pastoral charge for communicant membership in the Church by diligently instructing them in the doctrines and duties of the Christian religion. …

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