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Editorial- A Preview and Apology

Editorial – A Preview and Apology It had to happen.  They say the 3rd time is the charm.  I guess that is true.  The third issue which I produced had an error of such proportions that I have to print this apology.  Several of our readers brought this to my attention, for which I am grateful.  The crossword puzzle on …

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The Anti-Workbook

The mailman just delivered a catalog full of interesting educational curriculum for our congregation to try out this fall. One series was titled, “The Holy-Moly Bible” and the books which each student receives are proudly labeled “Anti-Workbook.” As shocked as I was at this attempt to educate Christians through non-education, it should be no surprise. Anymore, people are not interested …

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Follow Your Heart?

You’ve heard it. The memorable line of many movies is “follow your heart,” or, “go ahead, do what seems right to you, what is most fulfilling to you.” Our culture is full of this worldview, and it is no surprise. For the basic worldview of the fallen, sinful mind is just this: “I can take of this fruit that God …

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Editorial- Why Am I Here?

  Since this is my first issue as the Editor of The Reformed Herald, I thought I would introduce myself. First, let me say that I give my hearty “Amen” to the Synod’s decision this year to commend the previous Editor, Rev. Paul Treick, for his excellent service. I am not worthy to fill his place, although I am here …

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Portraits: Rev. Kyle Sorensen

Rev. Kyle Sorensen was born and raised in the RCUS. He was born on May 4, 1977, in Aberdeen SD, and was baptized by Rev. Neale Riffert. From there, his family was part of the RCUS congregation in Pierre, SD, and then later in Sioux Falls, SD (where they were one of the charter members). After being home-schooled, Kyle graduated …

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