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Feeding Through Covenantal Instruction

Editor: the following is chapter 6 of Pastoral Ministry from a Covenantal Perspective, by Dr. Maynard Koerner, 2014. Used with permission. The central focus of the pastoral ministry is on preaching. We must guard against any movement away from that focus. This study has also noted the need for pastoral ministry in meeting the needs of individuals. It is important …

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Here We Stand! Christian Education- Some Resolutions of the RCUS

Resolution #1: Our Covenant God gives the responsibility for the education of our covenant children to their parents. Although the tasks related to education may be delegated, parents may not abdicate their responsibility by delegating it to either the state, the church, or to any private educational institution. Grounds: Deuteronomy 6:6–9 – 6 “And these words which I command you …

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The Anti-Workbook

The mailman just delivered a catalog full of interesting educational curriculum for our congregation to try out this fall. One series was titled, “The Holy-Moly Bible” and the books which each student receives are proudly labeled “Anti-Workbook.” As shocked as I was at this attempt to educate Christians through non-education, it should be no surprise. Anymore, people are not interested …

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Reformed Herald, September 2014 Full Issue

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