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So, What Is The Church Anyway?

As a son of the late Rev. Walter Grossmann, who was the Stated Clerk of the Eureka Classis from 1935 to 1956, the undersigned has fallen heir to a great many of his papers and other effects. For those twenty-one years (1935 -1956) the Eureka Classis successfully continued as the Reformed Church in the United States after refusing to join …

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Is Regular Church Attendance Necessary For Christians?

By Elder John Bender I once was presented with the opinion that church attendance was not necessary to be a Christian and was asked to show where the Bible said that we need to attend church. In addition, regular church attendance has been on the decline as the years have gone by. I once had a conversation with a man …

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Why Did John Calvin and the Reformers Forbid All Images of the Divine Persons?

One question I am frequently asked as a Reformed pastor is why I believe all images of the divine persons of the Trinity are sinful. This is my reply. Historically, Reformed churches have taught that all images, statues, and paintings of Jesus Christ (and of the Father and the Holy Spirit) are violations of the Second Commandment: “You shall not …

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Covenantal Worship

Editor: the following is a slightly edited version of chapter 4 of Pastoral Ministry from a Covenantal Perspective, by Dr. Maynard Koerner, 2014. Used with permission. The underlying concept of God’s covenant with man is that of an ongoing relationship. Understanding how this relationship functions is very important in meeting the needs that God’s people have for nourishment. We begin …

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Follow Your Heart?

You’ve heard it. The memorable line of many movies is “follow your heart,” or, “go ahead, do what seems right to you, what is most fulfilling to you.” Our culture is full of this worldview, and it is no surprise. For the basic worldview of the fallen, sinful mind is just this: “I can take of this fruit that God …

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