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Faith and Preaching

[The following is the August 27, 2012, convocation address presented to faculty and students at Heidelberg Theological Seminary, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Rev. Pollema serves on the Board of Trustees for the seminary.] Convocation is a call or summons to assemble, usually an ecclesiastical or academic assembly. A seminary convocation is a combination of both. This evening it is appropriate …

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Truth for Exiles

After the November election, I was bummed. I wasn’t alone. On one blog that I read, a fellow pastor wrote that he cried the night of the elections. For many, the elections showed that the country has turned to the political and philosophical left. Some, however, think the election was but a minor setback; the country has gone through worse. …

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Immanuel means—“We’re not Alone!”

What is the significance of “Immanuel” for Christians? We normally think of that term as the Christian alternative to “Santa Claus is coming to town.” We sing, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.” Yet Immanuel is an important biblical theme that has been around long before our modern culture’s version of Christmas traditions. Consider it this way: “I am not my …

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Satan is the master of distraction, deception, diversion, and deflection—anything at all to get our minds away from worshiping and serving the Lord our God. Satan employed that trick in the garden of Eden and he still employs it today. Just imagine how much more consistent our service to God would be if we did not squander so much time …

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January 2013 Full Issue Download

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