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Commission to Rev. Michael Schlatter

The Commission and Instructions Given to Rev. Michael Schlatter by the Amsterdam Classis Prior to His Leaving for the Colony of Pennsylvania in 1746 [1] The Classis deputies gave Rev. Schlatter the following: 1. An introduction to the German Reformed Church of Pennsylvania, giving his reasons for being sent thither. a. Because originally the settlers in Pennsylvania were from the …

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Calvinistic Character of the Early German Reformed Church

Source: You Shall Be My People. Copyright © 1996 by the Synod of the Reformed Church in the United States. By Rev. Norman L. Jones INTRODUCTION WHAT were the religious beliefs of those early German emigrants who left their homeland and braved the dangers of ocean travel to settle in the new land called America? This question is an important …

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250th Celebration

Source: You Shall Be My People. Copyright © 1996 by the Synod of the Reformed Church in the United States. The following is the introduction to a publication which includes various essays on the history of the RCUS. The volume you hold in your hands celebrates the anniversary of a very special work of God’s grace and providence. We celebrate …

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Developments in the Nineteenth Century

Source: The Historical Handbook of the Reformed Church, 1902, James I. Good, Electronic version, © 2004, The Synod of the Reformed Church in the U.S. Theological Education and Church Expansion The Church having equipped herself with a Board of Missions so as to enlarge her field, and with theological seminaries to supply the Churches with ministers, was now ready for …

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The Formation of the Early Synod

The First Synod and Classes The first synod was held at Lancaster April 27, 1793. The church then consisted of 22 ministers, 178 congregations, and about 15,000 members. Its first problems were the education of ministers and the change of language from German to English. After a number of conflicts as at Philadelphia and Baltimore, the latter was solved by …

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