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A Catch 22?

To be caught in a “Catch 22” situation is to find yourself in a dilemma where you are left with no right decisions or choices. That is, “if I do this, it is bad, and if I do the opposite, it is also bad.” It is frequently used as an excuse for wrong choices in life. It is used to …

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Positively Negative

I can remember when most advertisers would not mention negative things or name their competitors when they presented their goods for sale. That has changed, and maybe it’s a clue as to where our whole society has gone—more negative than positive. That attitude can also infect the church. Certainly in an election year, we expect some negatives about opponents in …

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Teachable Moments

In life there is so much to learn. The boy who straps wings on his arms, waves them wildly in the air, and then jumps off the garage roof thinking he will fly, will soon have a “teachable moment.” Less dramatically, when parents take their children on a hike or on a sight-seeing vacation, there are innumerable teachable moments —“our …

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The New Normal?

What is normal is usually defined by what we become accustomed to. We speak of normal rainfall, normal temperature, normal crop yields, etc. These are usually determined by averaging the numbers from each year. Then also, there are the ever-changing moral norms. These come by incrementalism—gradually creeping into our lives. At first we are in horror, then eventually there is …

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