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Editorial: “The Light, the Lord, the Lamb”

Your Word of grace and Light divine Has shone within this heart of mine, Exposed my sin—dark hopelessness And gave to me eternal bliss. With joy my lips shall praise You now; My heart in true devotion bow. For by Your sovereign grace and will I’ve seen Your Light; it guides me still.   My Lord, my Savior, you have …

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A Reformation Heritage

It has been 496 years since Martin Luther’s Treatises were nailed to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg, Germany. But we would be mistaken to think that the Reformation began or ended on that October night. Beyond the rumblings that were present in the church before Luther, the Reformed Church has ever since been required to keep its doctrine and …

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Local Church Membership

In this issue we are privileged to see in a broad way what is happening in the RCUS Classes, and in the local congregations of these Classes. In connection with this, please take a moment and consider the importance of your membership in the local church. Many Christians do not appreciate the importance and the necessity of being an active …

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How many people at the hour of their death can say that they have perfectly completed all they ever wanted to do in their life? For the most part folks will say, “I wish I still could do this, or see that, or say that, but life is too short.” Unlike Jesus, we are more likely to throw up our …

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Satan is the master of distraction, deception, diversion, and deflection—anything at all to get our minds away from worshiping and serving the Lord our God. Satan employed that trick in the garden of Eden and he still employs it today. Just imagine how much more consistent our service to God would be if we did not squander so much time …

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