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The Martyrdom of Guido de Bres

   The Martyrdom of Guido de Bres By W. L. Bredenhof Most of us should be familiar with the name of the author of the Belgic Confession, Guido (or Guy) de Bres. We probably remember from church history or catechism classes that de Bres was martyred for his faith. Recently, I came across an eyewitness account of that martyrdom which …

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Portrait: Rev. Paul Henderson

Howdy folks! My name is Paul H. Henderson, and I was born the fifth child of Wilson Heywood and Agnes Ann Henderson in a town called Delano, CA, in November of 1957. After a 2-day vacation in the hospital I moved in with my family in the little farming town of McFarland, CA. I have four sisters, and three brothers …

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CONGO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FUND “Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed”. Prov. 16:3 The United Reformed Churches in the Congo (URCC) rejoices for what the Almighty Lord does for her as a church this season. We recommend the Congo Economic Development Fund (CEDF) Project to the Lord so that we can succeed. We convey our …

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Biblical Personal Finance: Earning and Spending for God’s Glory

Biblical Personal Finance: Earning and Spending for God’s Glory Rev. William Boekestein  Imagine what the people of God could do if their financial houses were in order. That paraphrase of a question often asked by a popular financial advisor is meant to be an exercise in hopeful anticipation of what actually could happen. If the question doesn’t sound very “spiritual” …

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