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Subordinate Standards

Why the RCUS has subordinate confessional standards When asked, “What does the Bible teach?” or “How do you interpret it?” we respond with a unified voice by referring to the historic creeds and confessions of the Reformed church which summarize the message of Scripture. The RCUS does not, however, make its confessional statements equal to, or elevated above, Scripture, for …

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Primary Standard

The Bible is Our Primary Standard and Final Authority We are a church that believes in the Bible, studies the Bible, preaches and teaches the Bible, and seeks to obey the Bible. The Bible is central to all that we are and do. In it God speaks to us today concerning every area of life and thought. In a day …

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The Apostles’ Creed “What, then, is necessary for a Christian to believe?” asks the Heidelberg Catechism. “All that is promised us in the gospel, which the articles of our catholic, undoubted Christian faith teach us in summary,” is the reply. Though this creed was not penned by the Apostles, it summarizes their teaching with simplicity, brevity, and beauty. Originally used …

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Table of Contents

HTML clipboard THE CONSTITUTION OFTHE REFORMED CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES PREAMBLE PART I: MEMBERS, CONGREGATIONS, OFFICES Section 1. Members Section 2. Congregations Section 3. Offices The Office of the Minister of the Word Students for the Ministry Licentiates Ministers of the Word Teachers of Theology The Office of Elder The Office of Deacon PART II: JUDICATORIES Section 1. Judicatories …

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1.1 Members

HTML clipboard PART I . MEMBERS — CONGREGATIONS — OFFICES SECTION 1. Members ARTICLE 1. All baptized persons are members in the Church, under its care and subject to its government and discipline. ARTICLE 2. Persons received into full communion with the Church by confirmation, profession of faith, certificate, or renewal of profession shall be regarded as communicant members. They …

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