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3.3 Public Profession of Faith

¶ After an appropriate announcement of the names of those who are to be publicly welcomed into the congregation by profession of faith, the minister shall proceed by saying:

BELOVED IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST: We thank our God for His grace which has been given to you in Christ Jesus, by which He awakened in you a desire to profess your faith publicly, here in the presence of God and His holy church, and to obtain the privileges of full communion with the people of God.

You are now requested to answer sincerely the following questions:

First: Do you believe the Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testaments, to be the inerrant and infallible Word of God, and its doctrine, summarized in the confessions of this Church, to be the perfect and only true doctrine of salvation?

Answer: I do.

Second: Do you confess that because of your sinfulness you abhor and humble yourself before God, and that you trust for salvation not in yourself but in Jesus Christ alone?

Answer: I do.

Third: Do you acknowledge Jesus Christ as your sovereign Lord; and do you promise, in reliance on the grace of God, to serve Him with your whole heart, to forsake the world, to mortify your old nature, and to lead a godly life?

Answer: I do.

Fourth: Do you agree to submit in the Lord to the government of this church, and in case you should be found delinquent in doctrine or life, to obey its discipline?

Answer: I do.

I charge you then, beloved, that by the diligent use of the means of grace and with the assistance of your God, you continue in the profession which you have just made. In the name of Christ Jesus our Lord, I now welcome you to full communion with the people of God. Rest assured that the privileges of such communion are now yours.


Almighty and most merciful God and Father, we thank and praise You that You have forgiven all our sins through the blood of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and have adopted us to be Your children through the work of the Holy Spirit. We beseech You for the sake of Christ, always to govern this brother (sister) by Your Word and Spirit so that he (she) may lead a Christian and godly life, and may grow and increase in grace. May he (she) learn to acknowledge the fatherly goodness and mercy which You have shown to him (her) and to us all. Grant that he (she) may live in all righteousness in submission to our only Teacher, High Priest and King, Jesus Christ, and may courageously fight against and overcome sin and the devil, to the end that he (she) may eternally praise and magnify You, Your Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the one only true God. Amen.

¶ The minister shall close with this or another suitable benediction:

Now the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.