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We believe in the importance of the biblical injuction, “preach the Word” (2 Tim. 4:1-2). It is necessary, therefore, to have a proper view of what preaching is all about.

Biblical Expository Preaching

The ministry of God’s Word in our churches is designed to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and build up the saints for the work of service. Although there are many approaches to preaching currently in practice today, the pattern which we follow has been called biblical expository preaching. The Bible is the standard as well as the source for all preaching. The sermon is taken from the text and follows the sequence, story, or argument of the text as it is given in a particular book.

Biblical preaching, however, is not simply a running commentary on the text; it must focus on the particular doctrinal truth that arises from the text. In this it deals with the central redemptive message of the Bible: Christ crucified. An understanding of God’s covenants in the Bible provides the unity to understanding God’s unfolding plan of salvation.

Preaching is not a lecture. It is to engage our hears to further faith and service to Christ. The text is to be applied throughout in an evangelistic and practical way so that believers and unbelievers are challenged to obey the gospel. And preaching must never be a matter of promoting morality by itself; it must center on the gospel of grace.

Biblical preaching forces the preacher and the congregation to deal with texts and topics that might often be overlooked.