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Requirements for the Lord's Supper

Biblical Requirements for Celebrating the Lord’s Supper

[The following provides an example of how the Lord’s Table is guared at Covenant Reformed Church, Grass Valley, CA]

Understanding the Supper

The Lord’s Supper is a sacrament of the Church instituted by Christ himself. The elements of bread and wine symbolize, for believers, the broken body and shed blood of Christ and our participation at the Lord’s Table represents our communion with Christ. These elements do not physically change into the body and blood of Christ, nor are these elements to be the object of worship. We are to worship the Triune God alone and not any part of His creation.

Examining Ourselves

We must solemnly examine ourselves, recognizing that we, as sinners, are completely unworthy of God’s redeeming grace. Nevertheless, we may joyfully approach the Lord’s Table if we trust in Christ alone, and His atoning sacrifice, for our salvation.

Visitors, children, and the Lord’s Supper

Visitors at one of our churches may ask: may children of tender years participate at the Lord’s Table? No, they may not. The Bible clearly requires active self-examination of all who would partake of the Lord’s Supper.

Neither the uninstructed, nor those who do not consciously recognize their own sinfulness and utter unworthiness apart from Christ’s atoning work on the cross, should approach the Lord’s Table. To this end, Reformed believers instruct their children and pray for the convicting work of God’s Holy Spirit in their lives. In our churches we ask that visitors who wish to partake of Communion should speak with one of the pastors or elders prior to the service.