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2. The Sacraments

Since the sacraments are ordinances of the visible church, they are not to be administered except under the oversight of the government of the church. Moreover, in ordinary circumstances they are properly administered only in a gathering of the congregation for the public worship of God. Baptism signifies solemn admission into the visible church, and the Lord’s Supper constitutes the …

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1.3 Suggested Order of Worship

The elements of worship set forth in the Scriptures may be used in the service of public worship in the order suggested here: Call to Worship Salutation Invocation Psalm or Hymn Scripture Prayer Psalm or Hymn Sermon Prayer Offering Psalm or Hymn Benediction Doxology These specific elements may also be used in the service of public worship when desired: the …

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1.2 Scriptural Elements of Worship

      1. Since a service of public worship is in its essence a meeting of God with his people, the parts of the service are of two kinds: those which are per¬≠formed on behalf of God, and those which are performed by the congregation. In the former the worshippers are receptive, in the latter they are active. It …

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1.1 Nature of Public Worship

    Since the end of the creation week, God has commanded that one day in seven be set aside as a day of rest and worship (Gen. 2:4). In New Testament times the Lord’s Day, which commemorates the resurrection of Christ, has become the weekly day of rest which is to be kept holy in accordance with the Fourth …

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THE DIRECTORY OF WORSHIPFOR THE REFORMED CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES MODERN LANGUAGE VERSION Second Edition 1998 THE DIRECTORY OF WORSHIP FOR THE REFORMED CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES: Modern English Version Copyright ¬© 1998 by the Synod of the Reformed Church in the U.S. Printed in the United States of America. No part of this book may be used …

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